Stillwater Reservoir offers some of the finest Small-Mouth Bass fishing in the East. Brook Trout can be found in the many streams that flow into the reservoir. Lake trout can be found in the deeper lakes around Beaver River. 


Swimming, kayaking and canoeing are permitted on the entire 128 miles of shoreline that border the Stillwater Reservoir. Kayaks and canoes are free of charge when renting one of our cabins on Norridgewock Lake. We also offer a small motorboat that is available for rent on a daily basis.


Fall in Beaver River is a spectacular display of color and incredible scenery. Peak color occurs during the last two weeks of September. However you will still find the color to be quite nice in the weeks before and after peak color.


Enjoy a winter adventure in Beaver River...traverse frozen rivers and lakes, explore mountain peaks and trails. Discover our hidden lakeside lodge...only accessible by snowmobile in the winter. Bring your own or rent one along the way!


Beaver River has many miles of dirt roads that are perfect for biking. You may bring your bike on the Wilderness Cruise. Beaver River is also a starting point for hiking into the Five Ponds and Pepperbox Wilderness areas. 


Experiencing the brilliance of a starry sky is no longer a given when you step outside.  Even on the clearest nights, the lights from cities obscure the natural darkness. Beaver River is off the grid and far away from any artificial light.